Clinical Team and Consultants

Dr Nmadi Onu( Radiologist)

Dr Anyahara Nnaemeka Harrison (Consultant Family Physician)

Mrs Joy Ezeagu ( RN)

Trent Andrepont: Overseas Technical Adviser (Vascular Sonography) U.S.A

Trent joined us as Technical adviser and Trainer on Vascular Sonography bringing to us his over twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry in the areas of Diagnostic Medical Vascular Sonography, Ultrasound Applications, Research, Service Sales, Marketing, and Clinical Sales.

He was part of the team who developed and critiqued the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound program at the New Mexico State University United States. He worked closely with delegates from the University to establish the educational protocol, the syllabus for classroom education as well as laboratory education.

He was also part of a team of key opinion leaders in preventive cardiology and imaging. Together they developed the educational program and training protocol for the Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication (SHAPE) workshops, as well as the SHAPE provider certification of carotid IMT testing for the prevention of heart disease.

He created Global Sonographer, a LinkedIn group that encourages Sonographers to stay active in their society, share ideas, goals, and create a network of support from other Sonographers throughout the world. The Global Sonographer group allows Sonographers and others in the field to discuss information pertinent to professional growth and development and promote and encourage the science and art of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

He holds a Bachelor Degree of Applied Science in Healthcare Management, an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

He holds Certifications from ESP Ultrasound – in Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation, and Vascular Technology, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine – in Expert Implications for Community Practice of Cardiovascular Disease, REN Center of Central Florida – in Hemodialysis

Trent has vast experience working as a Vascular Sonographer in Medical Centers and Hospitals throughout the United States. Performing high level vascular diagnostic test, he worked closely with Cardiologist, Vascular Surgeons, and Radiologist to establish an accurate diagnosis for patients. He helped startup vascular labs in Medical Centers, mobile labs throughout the United States and helped to maintain ICAVL Accreditation.

As a Healthcare Sales Executive for Panasonic Healthcare he has experienced aggressive growth both as the Service Sales Executive and Device Sales Representative for Panasonic Healthcare globally. Responsibilities include device applications, staff training, after sales service and maintenance contract sales. This position requires networking with hospitals, research centers, physician offices, clinics, and wellness centers to create a primary market demand globally for the CardioHealth® Station product.