Check Up Nigeria

Following the launch of The Nigeria National Stroke Prevention Programme by President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja on October 9, 2014, to forestall the alarming rate of sudden deaths and permanent disability associated with stroke and other related chronic diseases. The president advised every Nigerian that the purpose of the programme is to create the culture of prevention, and as such he admonished every Nigerians to undergo regular health check as a way of forestalling the sudden death arising from preventable diseases that rarely give warning signs or symptoms
Since the launch of this program, many medical experts have expressed concern on the ability of the federal government to make this mobile check up facility available to go round to enable individual in the rural and urban population to undergo the yearly preventive check up. With the current population of 160million, it’s obvious that preventive check may elude many, this is why our company has partner with experts around the world to create this mass attack initiative tagged Check Up Nigeria.

Check up Nigeria
is a private Initiative of LifeHealth Screening Ltd with the supports of many other healthcare professionals, organizations and partners in United States, Europe and Nigeria to support the government initiative. This initiative is a mass approach targeted at reducing the sudden death, disability and suffering of young Nigerian
Our Objective
1. To create awareness for preventable chronic diseases like Heart Attack, Stroke, Hypertension and Diabetes as well as encourage regular check up among youths and adults, professionals , artisans , students and senior citizens for prevention, early detection and effective management of these diseases.
2. To educate people on right diet and lifestyle
3. To engage mass media campaign like radio and TV commercials to educate people on how to recognize Stroke and Heart Attack warning signs before it strikes as well as disseminate emergency phone numbers in all cities and rural areas in case of any emergency because TIME is key when Stroke and Heart Attack strike
Our Strategies
1. To take our mobile check up facility round to places where people can easily access it
2. To make the screening program affordable to many Nigerians
3. To solicit support from corporate citizens , NGOs, government and philanthropist who can bear the burden of paying for this services for selected people who cannot afford to pay for the program
Stroke and heart attack are no longer a disease of the aged as it is killing and disabling Nigerians in their prime and many do not have the slightest clue that they carry symptoms that could trigger the disease in about 10 years. We know that Nigerians in their 30s, 40s and 50s are are now dying of these disease, our program has been designed therefore to take check up facilities to many public locations, schools, work places, market, recreation centers and neighborhood with a target to reach out to a minimum of 5million Nigerian every year at a subsidized rate of N8,000 as against the federal government price of N10,000 ( originally marked down from the price of N50,000) for a complete package of screening for detection of stroke, heart attack, diabetes and hypertension
Terms & Conditions under this program
1. Minimum number of participant: 50
2. Notice of interest: 10 days
3. Provision of neat and conducive venue
4. Payment before service