Be Our Partner

Our goal is to use every opportunity to save life and reduce the incidence of sudden death associated with preventable disease. Driving good health in our type of society should be collective job; therefore we welcome you to be our partner. Whether you are member of the medical community, HMO, pharmaceutical outlet, a local business, religion organizations, groups and trade association, we are ready to partner with you if you share our values and mission. We have opportunities for you to partner with us as we help to improve the wellbeing of your customers, members and community.

Business Organisations- Fit to Work program

Absenteeism, sudden loss of staff and low productivities due to sickness stroke, heart attack and other stress related sickness are becoming widespread these days. This is an obvious proof that many of the medical welfare package might not being enough as it focus only on treatment and curative. This is the reason why our preventive health screening and Corporate Health Risk Assessment have been designed to identify potential employee with risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes and hypertension. Our program creates an avenue for your employees to become educated, empowered, and encouraged to proactively take control of their health.
Our organization has professionals in Human Resources, Corporate Strategy and Productivity Management who are ready to work with you to drive down your medical cost as well as enhance your staff productivity through our well designed Corporate Wellness program aimed at promoting employees’ fitness and regular prevention screenings. Our business partnership programs (Fit to Work Program) is flexible and can deliver services at your worksite. We will work closely with you to assess the adequacy of your employees’ medical welfare program and come up with comprehensive and proactive Wellness solutions that meet your goals.
Few of our generic program includes Regular Health and Fitness Coaching, Incentive based Wellness promotion, Customized Health Portal Solutions and Smoking and sedation Management program. Our medical and non-medical professionals in will help you to customized various program that will engage your employees to embrace wellness and fitness at work

Health Management Organization (HMOs)

We can work with you to improve your members’ wellbeing as well as achieve significant cost savings through prevention. Our preventive health screenings increase people’s awareness of unrecognized health problems and encourage them to follow up with their doctors, by so doing we are indirectly helping you to create client base and reducing constant sickness and doctors visit among your members.

Community Groups/Religion Body /Clubs/Associations

Our team of medical and non-medical professionals can help your organization create a culture that saves life and motivate people to manage their health without affecting the family budget and welfare. Whatever faith and religion organization you belong, no matter your financial status, retiree, market men and women, trade associations, NGOs- we care about your members health. We are ready to work with you by bringing our regular health talk and screenings to your door step at affordable price.

Hospitals/Pharmaceutical Outlets

We welcome meaningful partnership with Hospitals for referral for our preventive screening. We also appreciate request for rent or lease agreement of our Parent company (Digital Lifeclinic Ltd) Ultramodern Ambulances and Commercial Blood pressure Equipment. Pharmacist community has been our good partners in this regard. Our mission is to get our Blood pressure check up sited in many neighborhoods; hence you can contact us if you have suitable space in your outlet


We need social organization and people with good heart who share our vision to come to our help by supporting us to bankroll the cost of making this screening service free for people who cannot afford it